California Police Believe Trick-Or-Treating Candy May Have Been Laced With Meth And Other Drugs

California tainted candy Screenshot via WEAR TVHere, you can see a tiny hole in a Snicker’s bar, ingested by a mother in California.

This Halloween, several people in California ingested trick-or-treating candy allegedly tainted with illegal drugs.

One boy became ill over the weekend after trick-or-treating in Huntington Beach, according to CBS Los Angeles reports. He started to have nightmares and wouldn’t go back to sleep when his parents decided to take him to the hospital.

Lab tests later confirmed he ingested methamphetamine, but authorities are still investigating links to the candy.

The boy doesn’t live in Huntington Beach but bagged his trick-or-treating candy from the area, authorities said.

Another young boy fell ill after eating Halloween candy in Southern California too, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 2-year-old toddler from the Moreno Valley began showing signs of consuming an illegal drug at his friend’s house on Saturday.

In another California city, a mother ate a Snicker’s bar her daughter picked up from local trick-or-treating. She started to feel strange, and police believe some kind of acid-based drug was injected into the chocolate, WEAR TV reports. The candy was allegedly handed to the woman’s 16-moth-old daughter.

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