The man who killed three people was doing donuts outside Flinders Street Station before hitting 20 pedestrians

Photo: YouTube/ alind tiwari.

Three people have died and around 20 more are injured after they were hit by a car on the busy Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne on Friday afternoon.

Ten News tweeted out the alert at 2.04pm.

Witnesses say the car “hit heaps of people”. Victoria Police will only say “a number of people” have been injured.

Police have confirmed that three people have died.

Police have apprehended a man, but pedestrian access has been closed along Bourke Street between Williams and Swanston. Police are asking for the public to avoid the area.

At least 20 people have been injured, with one report of a baby in a “pram or carriage” hit by the car.

The car involved was seen doing donuts outside Flinders Street Station before moving on towards Bourke Street, where the incident took place.

The ABC has spoken to eyewitness Jeff Richards, who took the footage in this week and says two men, one armed with a baseball bat, came out into the middle of the road to confront and try to stop the driver.

People were seen running into a nearby store for safety as the sped down the street.

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