REPORT: Yo Has Dropped Its Copyright Infringement Complaint Against Australian App Oi!

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Messaging app Yo has dropped a copyright infringement complaint lodged with Apple last week against Australian app Oi!

Yo launched a number of complaints against what it said were “clones” – apps which its founder Or Arbel told Business Insider, “look exactly, act exactly and have the same App Store description.”

When asked if the complaint still stands against Oi!, Arbel told Business Insider, “No it’s not”.

Oi! is a simple one-word messaging app which helps people get the attention of other connected users. It’s similar to Yo — the app which launched in April and managed to raise about $1.5 million in seed funding — in the sense it also sends one-word push notifications.

Launched last week, one of the Adelaide-based entrepreneurs behind the app, Chhai Thach, tweeted he had been told to take the app down.

Co-founder Steve Barrett told Business Insider the app, which was developed by a company called GETYO, isn’t a clone of Yo.

He said there had been no formal legal action at this point.

“Several days ago we received a notification that there was a copyright complaint,” he said, adding they have been accused of “cloning an application”.

He said the complaint was “filed by an individual” at Yo.

Barrett said it was a “blind accusation” and his company had responded by asking Yo to explain how they believe they have infringed copyright.

“After clarification from some of the app owners we have retracted our claims against them,” Arbel said.

Barrett said he hadn’t been notified the complaint had been dropped.

“No, zero notifications from anyone,” he told Business Insider. “Again, ZERO notifications from Yo or Apple.”

Arbel said while he “values” a free market and improving the company’s idea is welcomed – copying them “bit-by-bit” won’t be tolerated.

The Oi! app is expected to be available in the Android store shortly.

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