REPORT: The Wolf of Wall Street is looking for an Australian home

Jordan Belfort. Photo: Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street/Facebook

Former US stockbroker and convicted fraudster turned author and motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort, is looking for a new home, and has his sights set on Queensland’s capital, according to Domain.

Belfort gained fresh notoriety after his life story was turned into Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the disgraced broker.

He put his former New York party home on the market last week for just shy of $A4.5 million and appears to be looking for an international move. He has a connection with Brisbane having worked with a training company there in 2015.

Sarah Hackett, Place Agents managing director said that Belfort inspected a luxurious four-bedroom mansion they have listed in Bridgeman Downs, about 13 kilometres north of Brisbane CBD.

The area is described as “enclave” filled with multi-million-dollar homes.

The home at 58 Retreat Street, has all the lavish fixings and features you’d expect a former billionaire to want in a new home, but it was sold to a different bidder.

Domain spoke to a member of Belfort’s team who denied the former trader was looking to move Down Under, saying he “looking to buy in Australia right now”.

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