The US Is Ready To Blame North Korea For The Sony Hack

The US government is planning to announce Thursday that North Korea is directly to blame for the devastating and unprecedented attack on Sony, according to multiple reports. Now we wait and see how the US Government may respond to that attack now that they have placed their blame.

That threat is likely retaliation for the controversial comedy “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

US Investigators have been able to parse through enough evidence now to claim that North Korea is “centrally involved.”

On Tuesday, an online threat was posted against theatres planning to show Sony Corp’s controversial movie. That threat promised a “bitter fate” for those who went to see the “The Interview.” The movie was scheduled for general release on Dec. 25 but its release was canceled late Wednesday afternoon.

In light of the cancelation, Hollywood has not been quiet. Many have argued that the studio gave into the hackers and violated the First Amendment. 

The scope of the hack has been enormous. Tons of private information has leaked from Sony spilling emails from executives with future movie plans, inside information about actors, and so much more.

US security authorities said on Tuesday they were investigating the threat but had so far seen no real sign of an active plot. A second US official said on Wednesday that investigators are not aware of any people or entities capable of actually carrying out such threats against cinemas or audiences. Apparently, things have changed since that statement.

North Korea complained to the United Nations in June, accusing the US of sponsoring terrorism and committing an act of war by allowing the movie’s production.

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