REPORT: The NBN knows how fast everyone's connections are -- but it's only telling retailers

The NBN reportedly has a record of how fast its broadband will be at every address and how fast it actually is after connection, but is choosing to leave consumers in the dark.

The Australian has reported that the NBN organisation has knowledge of achievable maximum speeds for every premises and the actual speeds attained after connection, but is only showing the data to retailers – who have a financial incentive to not show that information to consumers.

The NBN’s unreleased data brings into question the need to spend $7 million to run Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s programme to measure broadband speeds in 4000 premises to keep retailers honest.

The consumer watchdog initiated the speed measurement programme this year in response to public confusion and disappointment over real-world performance of the NBN, as opposed to the theoretical maximum speeds that are advertised by the retail internet service providers.

The NBN has told The Australian that it will not make the figures public because it has no direct relationship with the consumer.

“Retailers remain in the best position to advise end-users of the speeds they will be receiving over the NBN,” an NBN spokesperson told The Australian.

Some retailers, such as Optus, Dodo and MyRepublic have called on the NBN to make the data public, but Telstra, which handles half the customers hopping on to the NBN, is conspicuously not joining the chorus.

Read the full article in The Australian.

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