REPORT: The Greens Could Support A Floating Carbon Price

Photo: Getty/Cole Bennetts

The Guardian Australia is reporting Greens leader Christine Milne would support an immediate move to a floating carbon price.

If this happens, there will be another viable option available to the new Senate, which will decided whether the legislation remains, or is scrapped.

The report, citing unnamed sources, also says The Palmer United Party could support a floating carbon price. Clive Palmer is expected to announce his final decision tonight.

If Palmer, and Milne both back an immediate move to a floating price it will almost certainly pass the Senate as Labor took the policy to the last election.

Milne, according to The Guardian, believes some price on carbon is better than Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “denialist” direct action climate change policy.

Under current legislation the price on Carbon will move to a floating figure from July next year to the international standard, which would be around $8, and go to $25.40 next week.

There’s more here.

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