REPORT: The Great Barrier Reef will be 'terminal' within five years

Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef will be in a “terminal condition” within five years, according to scientists from James Cook University.

In a new report, published by researcher Jon Brodie and professor Richard Pearson, without a $10 billion commitment during this federal election campaign, the iconic natural wonder will not survive.

If climate change continues at its current pace, or another crown of thorns outbreak — associated with poor water quality — occurs, it’s likely the GBR will be wiped out.

“If we want to provide resilience against the current climate impacts, water management needs to be greatly improved, both in terms of money made available and a cohesive strategy, by 2025,” said Brodie.

“It takes time for change to happen and we need to start fast. If something is not done in this election cycle then we may not see good coral again within our children’s lifetime.”

The scientists have estimated that $1 billion per year over the next 10 years is needed to fund catchment and coastal management programs to save the reef.

“It may seem like a lot of money, but we know that amount would be effective and it’s small by comparison to the economic worth of the GBR – which is around $20 billion per year,” said Brodie.

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