Instagram's Employees Felt 'Slighted' By 'Premature' Billion Dollar Sale To Facebook, Report Suggests

Instagram team visiting FacebookInstagram’s few employees

Photo: Keeg via Instagram

Facebook has officially bought Instagram.Now what?

Over on TechCrunch, ace Facebook reporter¬†Josh Constine says he expects to see a number of Instagram’s twelve or so employees flee Facebook as soon as they can.

He says he’s heard that some of Instagram’s employees “felt somewhat slighted” when the startup sold for $1 billion.


We’ve heard some of the teammates had joined and rejected lucrative offers from other startups on the premise that they’d be trying to take Instagram as far as it could go. They may have felt somewhat slighted by the possibly premature sell out. Also, having been attracted to a lean, risky early stage company, they may not be too keen about working for Mark Zuckerberg’s juggernaut. Some may leave after one or two years in search of another wild ride.

The idea that selling for $1 billion is a “premature sellout” sounds crazy because it is. That sale made every single one of Instagram’s very few employees millionaires many times over.


There is some truth to the idea that, if Facebook hadn’t acquired Instagram, you would, this fall and next year, be reading a lot more about how Instagram is the world’s next huge, multi-billion dollar startup, and that it is disrupting the biggest player in its space, Facebook.

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