REPORT: Southwest Airlines Blocks Woman From Boarding Plane Over Cleavage

southwest woman, clevageThe outfit Avital wore on the flight.

Photo: via Jezebel

Southwest Airlines has issued an apology to a woman who was told she could not board her flight because of “inappropriate” cleavage, according to the New York Daily News.On June 5, a woman identified only as Avital tried to board her flight from Las Vegas to New York in a cotton dress and baggy flannel shirt, but was told by a ticket agent should was not allowed to board unless she covered her breasts, Jezebel first reported.

Avital boarded her flight anyway and accused Southwest of “slut shaming.”

She also complained that a man on her flight had on a provocative piece of clothing (a shirt with a Trojan condom behind a clear plastic flap), but wasn’t bothered and boarded with out incidence.

Although the airline has a policy allowing employees to turn away customers they feel are dressed inappropriately, a Southwest spokesperson told Jezebel that the airline apologized to Avital for the incident and offered her a refund.

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