Report: Snowden Document Shows Australian Security Agency Offering To Share Information About Citizens


A report by The Guardian Australia says an Australian security agency offered to share information about ordinary citizens with overseas intelligence partners.

Then-known as the Defence Signals Directorate, the agency — according to the documents cited in the report — indicated it could share bulk information without some of the privacy rules imposed by other countries.

“DSD can share bulk, unselected, unminimised metadata as long as there is no intent to target an Australian national,” notes from an intelligence conference cited in the report say.

Despite advising partners a ministerial warrant would be needed to target an Australian it said “unintentional collection is not viewed as a significant issue.”

Documents show the agency offering to share religious, medical and legal information with partners such as the US, Britain, Canada and Britain.

The article raised concerns the agency, which is responsible for Australia’s electronic surveillance, may have been operating outside of its legal mandate.

There is more here.

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