Now rumours Suggest Samsung Wants To Buy WebOS, Not HP’s PC Business

webos on ipad

[credit provider=”Illustration: Ellis Hamburger”]

Samsung has hired HP’s former president of PSG marketing Raymond Wah to run its PC business and is considering a purchase of WebOS, according to a DigiTimes report.Last week, Samsung denied rumours that it wanted to buy HP’s PC business. This new report from DigiTimes speculates Samsung is going after WebOS instead.

The future of WebOS is in limbo. HP says it is still considering using the OS to power PCs. It’s also possible HP will licence WebOS to other manufacturers.

But the most likely scenario is that HP will sell off WebOS altogether.

WebOS could be a lot more attractive to Samsung now that Google owns Motorola. Since it’s very likely Motorola will get first dibs on Google’s Android updates and new features, Samsung could be looking for an alternative OS.