Report Says Facebook's Video Ads Will Be Delayed [THE BRIEF]


Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Ad Age reports that even though Facebookhad been shopping around seven-figure video ads to debut next month, the social network is unofficially putting the endeavour on hold until mid-October for more software development.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom cancelled his scheduled appearance at Cannes.

The ad world is wondering if the impending video feature on Instagram will inspire Facebook to put ads on the app.

McCann Melbourne won the Cannes Grand Prix in PR for its hilarious, animated “Dumb Ways to Die” video for Metro Trains.

Annie Leibowitz talked about what it has been like working on campaigns with Disney at the Cannes Lions.

What’s Volvo’s identity in the US?

Oreo released watermelon flavored cookies for summer.

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