Rio officials reportedly closed the green diving pool Friday morning after the water began to smell 'like a fart'

The situation at the Rio Olympic diving pool seems to have worsened instead of improved.

After officials said they had the mysteriously green water figured out and would have it resolved, the pool was closed on Friday.

British diver Tom Daley seemed to give the first report of the diving pool closing, tweeting Friday morning:

USA diver Abby Johnston also noted that it was closed.

While it doesn’t seem to have been officially announced by Rio organisers, it’s now being reported by journalists as closed, with a new development about the smell of the water.

Rio officials said on Wednesday that the colour change was due to a chemical imbalance that changed the pH levels. They insisted the water was safe to swim in and would return to its blue colour Wednesday night.

Here was the pool as of Thursday, August 11.

It looked like an improvement over this:

But here’s what the water should look like:

It seems this problem is worse than anyone expected.

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