HEAVEN AND HELL: Pebble Beach Wants Tim Tebow And Tiger Woods To Be Golf Partners

Tiger woods and Tim Tebow

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The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am got a big boost earlier this week when Tiger Woods confirmed that he will play in the tournament. But in a move that could destroy all hype-meters, Pebble Beach may now extend an invitation to Tim Tebow. And if he accepts, they will want him to be Tiger’s partner.According Brian Hewitt of GlobalGolfPost.com, a source with the tournament confirmed that they are “strongly considering” inviting Tebow with the idea of pairing him with Tiger.

And who wouldn’t want to see this? Tebow could teach Tiger the proper Tebowing techniques. Tiger could teach Tebow how to give awkward high-fives. And most importantly, maybe Tebow can teach Tiger how to win again.

This will mark the first time Tiger has played in the Pro-Am since 2002. If Tebow does not play in the tournament, speculation is that Tiger will be paired with Tony Romo. The tournament is scheduled to be played the week after the Super Bowl.