REPORT: Newt Gingrich Will Drop Out Of The Race Next Week

After suffering yet another routing in last night’s Republican primaries., Newt Gingrich has finally decided to put an end to his quixotic presidential bid. 

Sources tell Fox News that the former House Speaker plans on suspending his campaign one week from today. 

Gingrich effectively conceded the race this morning, telling reporters that he knows “Romney will be the nominee.” But he still plans on getting in one last campaign hurrah this week, with a multi-day swing through North Carolina that includes throwing the first pitch at a college baseball game, and of course, a visit to the state zoo. 

In reality, Newt’s campaign has been over for weeks. Apart from a home-state victory in Georgia on Super Tuesday, Gingrich has been on the downward slide since his South Carolina surprise in January. 

One need only look at this chart posted by the Connecticut GOP’s election officials for the state’s Republican primary yesterday to see just how far Gingrich has fallen: 

(Look closely) 

connecticut gop chart

Photo: Connecticut Secretary of State

(h/t Rachel Maddow)

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