New York City Will Begin Rationing Gas Starting Tomorrow

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New York City will institute a an odd-even gas rationing system tomorrow to better control gas demand, Mayor Bloomberg’s office has announced.Drivers with licence plates ending in odd numbers must only purchase gas on odd-numbered calendar days; vice-versa for plates ending in even numbers. 

Commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses and paratransit vehicles, doctors and taxis are exempt.

“This is not a step we take lightly,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “But given gas shortages and the growing frustrations of NYers, we believe it’s the right step.”

NYPD officers will be stationed at pumps to enforce the rules. 

Yesterday, we reported that panic-buying at gas stations had become a major issue in the area.

In addition, a release from Gov. Cuomo’s office announcing the rationing said a key fuel pipeline serving the area with 4.5 million gallons of gas per day had only just come back online.

“While power was restored this morning, there was an interruption in the fuel supply chain to those regions,” the release said.

Long Island is also instituting a rationing measure, according to Newsday.

The regime will remain in effect until further notice, the Mayor’s office said.

Mayor Bloomberg will have details of the system in a press conference this afternoon.

Read the full release from the Mayor’s office here >

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