Report: Malcolm Turnbull Actually Told The Entire Board Of NBN Co That It Had To Resign

Photo: Getty/S.Postles

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull told NBN Co chairwoman Siobhan McKenna he wanted board members’ resignations, according to a report by The Australian.

Yesterday it was reported that all board members offered to resign. And then by The ABC that all but one board member has offered to resign.

The Australian reports that Turnbull said he wanted all the resignations, though would not necessarily accept each of them.

Former UBS Australia boss Brad Orgill was the only member not to comply, according to the report.

Either way, looks like NBN Co is getting a board revamp.

Turnbull wanted the resignations, according to The Aus, as he blamed the board for delays and cost blowouts.

Orgill conducted an inquiry into the Labor Government’s Building the Educations Revolution program. He has also written a book on why Labor should embrace the Greens’ policies.

He, according to the report, asked Turnbull to consider his position due to the contribution he had made, though was told he would be dismissed.

There is more here.

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