REPORT: Less than half of all Australian businesses have a web presence

As the world prepares for the full force of the digital era, including the Australian government and its recent call to overhaul the national taxation system, you would think there would be an urgency felt by Australian SMEs to do the same.

However, a recent report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in the year ending June 30, 2014 less than half of all businesses had a web presence, and only 31% had a social media presence.

This means only 47% of Australian businesses included in the study had a website, a homepage or some other form of online representation.

Businesses with access to the internet but no web presence were asked to identify the reasons why they chose not to be online. Of the responses provided, almost 60% said “they had no need for a web presence”.

This seems like an alarming response, considering the hype around the benefits of having a “virtual storefront” or an online first impression for customers who don’t know anything about your business.

The internet also allows SMEs to compete with larger businesses on a more level playing field.

Business Insider spoke to Shashi Bellamkonda, director at Network Solutions, about the benefits of getting your brand online.

See his five tips here.

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