REPORT: Kevin Rudd Has Been Planning Tax Cuts For Small Business And A Floating Carbon Price

Getty / Stefan Postles

Amid the maze of analysis and commentary on Kevin Rudd’s return as prime minister, there’s a hint at what Rudd might be planning to announce in terms of policy.

Simon Benson reports at The Daily Telegraph that Rudd has been working on a policy agenda for two years.

He will seek to immediately drop the carbon price to a floating mechanism. He has a plan to cut tax for small businesses to 25 per cent. He has toyed with the idea of sending the navy north, plans a major infrastructure program for Sydney, and already had a policy similar to Tony Abbott’s about transforming northern Australia…

There’s more here.

Will this be the backbone of Rudd’s economic agenda? When declaring he would stand yesterday he said the country needed a “strong, proven” economic leader — moving quickly on the carbon price and introducing tax cuts for small businesses would be politically popular and he could also argue that they will free up cash for the non-mining sector to invest and grow quickly — plugging the gap from the end of the Chinese resources boom that Rudd so adamantly declared last night.

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