Report: Johnny Manziel Signed 3,000 Items In Two More Autograph Sessions For A Broker

Another autograph broker has come forward and told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that
Johnny Manziel signed at least 3,000 itemsduring two autograph sessions in January.

According to the report, the autograph dealer helped set up the autograph sessions and that Manziel allegedly signed “at least 1,500 items” during each session. This brings the total to six autograph sessions that Manziel allegedly participated in, signing more than 4,400 items according to ESPN’s sources.

The latest autograph dealer, Kevin Freistat, runs an autograph company that also works exclusively with other famous athletes. Their clients include Muhammad Ali, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, and others.

“Outside the Lines” does not indicate whether or not Manziel was paid during these newly reported autograph sessions. According to the report, the NCAA is investigating to determine if Manziel has violated any bylaws.

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