Report: Jim Harbaugh Only Interested In Going Pro

jim harbaugh stanford

Photo: AP

Last night’s Orange Bowl postgame press conferences were a master class in dancing around the issue, as Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh consistently avoided the rush of reporters asking him about his next job.He wanted the focus to be on the players and their accomplishment, although we’re not sure how much focus will be on them when he signs his next contract.

All signs still point to Harbaugh jumping ship, but the Detroit Free Press‘ Michael Rosenberg reports that one place he won’t be going is the University of Michigan.

According to “a person with direct knowledge of Harbaugh’s thinking,” Harbaugh in unlikely to leave Stanford for another school. And it also seems unlikely that Athletic Director Dave Brandon would fire Rich Rodriguez unless he knows Harbaugh is available.

(Although wouldn’t the only “person with direct knowledge of Harbaugh’s thinking” literally be Jim Harbaugh?)

Both Denver and San Francisco are pushing hard for Harbaugh’s services and he will likely choose one of them (or perhaps another NFL suitor) this week or simply stay in school and coach Andrew Luck for another year. After last night’s performance, Stanford would be an early favourite for next year’s national championship.

If Harbaugh leaves, the junior QB seems certain to join him in the NFL next season.

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