VIDEO: JetBlue Captain's Meltdown Forces Emergency Landing

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A man dressed in a pilot’s uniform forced a JetBlue flight bound for Las Vegas to be diverted after he tried to storm the cockpit while screaming “say your prayers,” reports.  The flight was coming from New York’s JFK airport and made an emergency landing in Amarillo, TX.

A source told the website that passengers thought the man was the flight’s pilot and four passengers, including a retired police officer, tried to restrain him. 

According to Amarillo Globe News, JetBlue officials said the plane was forced to land because of a “medical situation with the captain.”

Sources told NBCNews that a co-pilot removed the captain from the cockpit “after he began acting strangely.” After realising he’d been locked out, the captain began banging on the cockpit door, screaming “let me in” and running up and down the aisle, according to CBSDFW.COM. 

“Another Captain, travelling off duty on Flight 191, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crewmember once on the ground,” the company said in a statement. 

Officials said the pilot was taken to a local hospital, according to Globe-News

More to come…

Here’s video of the incident allegedly captured by a passenger on Flight 191 and posted to YouTube

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