REPORT: Jeff Gundlach Will Offer One Of The Highest Rewards For Stolen Art In History

jeff gundlach

Photo: Business Insider

Later today, Jeff Gundlach will be holding a press conference regarding the property that was recently stolen from him and the reward he is offering to anyone who helps recover his goods.Business Insider first reported that the reward was set at $200,000.

However, according to the LA Times’ Joe Bel Bruno, Gundlach is raising the stakes big time:

The founder of DoubleLine Capital is currently offering $200,000 for the return of art that includes works by Mondrian, Joseph Cornell, Jasper Johns and Richard Diebenkorn. The new reward, which will be announced at a 1 p.m. news conference on Monday, is expected to be among the highest paid for stolen art, the person said.

The record for a proposed reward is $5 million, offered by the Gardner Museum in Boston for information leading to the recovery of 13 artworks, with an estimated value of more than $300 million,¬†stolen in 1990. Other major art rewards can be seen here, along with the FBI‘s list of the top 10 art heists.

Gundlach’s press conference will be held at 4:00 PM Eastern today.

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