REPORT: Islamic Radicals Have 'Settled Plans' For A Terrorist Attack In Australia

A small number of Islamic radicals have “settled plans” to conduct terror attacks in Australia serious enough to warrant ASIO potentially raising the terror threat level from medium to high.

The Australian reports authorities are concerned about a small number of Muslim extremists operating in groups of three to four.

While authorities recognise the extremists have “settled intentions” to carry out attacks in Australia, a counter-terrorism source said the plans were “vague” but serious saying, “It’s gone beyond bravado, they are seriously talking about it.”

20 Australians have reportedly returned to Australia after being suspected of fighting with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Later today outgoing ASIO director-general David Irvine and Australian Federal Police (AFP) acting commissioner Andrew Colvin are expected to review the threat of potential attacks in Australia, following yesterday’s terror-related arrests at a Brisbane Islamic centre.

If moved from medium to high, this would be the first time in 11 years, since the introduction of the threat indicator, that it has been raised.

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