REPORT: Iran Could Definitely Have Tested A Nuclear Trigger At This Off-Limits Site

Parchin Iran

Photo: AP

There is little end in sight for the back-and-forth speculation surrounding Iran’s nuclear program: what it has done, what it hasn’t, and whether or not we can really know anything about it at all.

Impossible to know the truth, we’re resigned to looking at a wide array of opinions and evidence, and looking somewhere squarely between the lines.

To that end, Michael Adler at AOL defence acquired a report on Iran’s nuclear program from the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) that finds Iran could have tested a nuclear trigger in a device at the Parchin nuclear facility.

Parchin has been a sticking point with IAEA inspectors not allowed anywhere near the facility, where it is suspected the tests were conducted in a 62-foot-long metal cylinder about 14 feet in diameter.

From AOL defence:

The reason this is so sensitive is that nuclear material, namely natural uranium, may have been used in what would have been a dry run for the trigger, rather than a chain reaction. Proof that Iran has employed uranium in military research would destroy the Islamic republic’s central claim that its program has made only peaceful use of nuclear material. Iran says it seeks atomic power for energy and other civilian ends but the United States and a host of other countries fear it is hiding a drive to build, or to be able to build, nuclear weapons.

The IAEA is meanwhile investigating whether Iran diverted some 20 kilograms of natural uranium “in the form of natural uranium metal and process waste” from the Jabr Ibn Hayan Multipurpose Research Laboratory, according to an IAEA report last November. The IAEA is moving cautiously on this charge,however, as evidence relies on potentially unreliable weighing of nuclear material The IAEA has quizzed Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko about Parchin.

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