REPORT: Intel Plans To Cut Its Workforce By 5%

Intel ceo brian krzanich shows off edison processor at cesAPIntel CEO Brian Krzanich

Intel plans to shrink its workforce by 5% this year, Reuters reports.

It’s not yet clear how many of the jobs will be reduced by layoffs and how many will be cut from attrition. Attrition is when people quit or retire and the company chooses not to replace them.

The company has 107,000 employees, Reuters reports.

We’ve reached out to Intel for comment.

Over the past couple of months, Intel has already been discussing eliminatiing jobs here and there.

For instance, in September, Intel said that it was shutting down a plant in Hudson, Mass., by the end of 2014 and will cut about 700 jobs from that. It was closing that plant because the factory couldn’t be retrofitted for Intel’s current manufacturing needs, the company told Business Insider.

In November, Intel said it would trim 400 jobs from a plant in New Mexico, too, KOAT Albuquerque reported.

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