[REPORT] Hillary Clinton Looking To Take Over The World Bank

Hillary Clinton

Photo: AP

It has been an open secret in Washington for a long time that Hillary Clinton wants to become the next president of the World Bank.And now that current president Robert Zoellick is stepping down, speculation is heating up. 

Emma Rowley of The Telegraph is reporting that Clinton is still he likeliest to fill his shoes.  

Lesley Wroughton of Reuters reported last summer that she was in talks to succeed him last year. 

According to Wroughton, although there have been official denials from Clinton and Obama spokespersons, three sources confirm that she wants the job but there is no confirmation yet that President Obama will nominate her. 

The World Bank’s mission is to reduce poverty. And to that end it doles out billions in relief aid, financing, and capital investment in poor or war-ravaged countries. Increasingly the World Bank is also involved in climate change issues.  

Typically the the nominee of the Americans is selected to head the World Bank, while Europeans nominate the head of the International Monetary Fund. 

Wroughton also suggests in her report that John Kerry would be her likely replacement at the state Department should Obama win re-election. 

A move to the World Bank would also solidify the Clintons at the top of the global political class. Bill Clinton already heads the enormously influential Clinton Global Initiative, which runs annual meetings every September with leaders from politics, business, and NGOs, aimed at developing cooperation toward reducing poverty and increasing development. 

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