Report: High School Social Network Sconex Shuts Down

High school students are huge social network users. But just building a social network catered to them doesn’t guarantee success. This, apparently, is the lesson we can learn from Sconex, an ancient (by Web standards) network that YPulse says has shuttered its doors for good.

We’ve tried to confirm the closure, but we haven’t heard from Sconex’s parent, Alloy (ALOY), a hybrid Web marketer/book publisher geared toward teens. Alloy bought Sconex in March 2006 for $6.1 million.

We don’t know the story behind the Sconex shutdown, but we can make an educated guess: Despite being relatively early in the social network race, it still couldn’t keep up with MySpace, which always had a big high school (and younger) contingent, and Facebook, which opened its doors to high schoolers in September 2005.

Shorter version, via Compete:

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