Here's How Healthy Australians Are And How They Feel About It

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Australians are considered a happy, healthy bunch.

But just how happy are we about our health?

Australian health food company Freedom Foods’ has done some research looking at the food consumption and purchasing patterns of Australians and our relationship with food to figure out individuals’ “Good Food Karma Index.”

To calculate an individual’s “Good Food Karma” score, Freedom Foods along with social researcher Mark McCrindle, nutritionist Dr. Joanna McMillan and entertainment reporter Maz Compton have studied the food behaviour and attitudes of people and national datasets and social data.

The GFK is scored out of a total 100 points, so the higher the number, the better a person’s GFK.

According to the findings, NSW ranks as having the lowest GFK with a score of 70, while Tasmanian’s feel the best about their eating habits, scoring 75 points, bringing the nation average to 71.

The Northern Territory has the highest take away turnover in the country per person, and Queenslanders spend more money on superfoods than any other state.

“Overall, this is a positive outcome for Australians. The result shows that overall we have a pretty healthy relationship with food,” McMillan said.

When it comes to your occupation, those with a career in sales prove to be the biggest emotional eaters, while labourers have the best GFK. The study also found that professionals are more dependent on chocolate than Australians in other occupations.

And when you put men up against women, sorry ladies but Australian but the men have it over you.

It seems that 7 in 10 Australian women eat or drink in response to their everyday emotions compared to only 5 in 10 men, and more women than men unbutton their pants so they can eat more. Women will also travel further for a fast food fix, but on the contrary travel further than man for health food.

The relatively positive findings however contradict the finding that 3 in 5 Australians do not feel confident with their body.

Perhaps this is because 13% of us think bacon is a superfood.

Read more about The Good Food Index here.

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