REPORT: Hackers Targeted Australia's Department Of Defence

A group of teenage hackers have reportedly stolen data from the Australian Defence Department, according to evidence presented in a security case in the US.

The Australian reported the breach occurred after a group of hackers from Australia, the US and Canada allegedly gained access to a number of companies and government departments around the world.

An 18-year-old from Western Australia is allegedly involved and is expected to face court in 2015 with 25 charges which carry a maximum 10 years in jail. The teenager’s Perth home was raided by police in February last year.

Two individuals have already pleaded guilty and released details of their hacks which included stealing US Apache helicopter simulator software.

Evidence in the US case stated that one of the Canadian hackers said in an online chat: “Have you been listening to the sh*t that I’ve done this past month? I have sh*t to the US military. I have sh*t to the Australian Dept of Defence … It’s not like I’m trying to prove a point, but I’m saying, if they notice any of this, eventually they’re going to come looking for me.”

There’s more here.

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