Report: CM Punk Won’t Sign New WWE Deal

A big story broke this week in the midst of the WWE Draft chaos that the contract of CM Punk is set to expire in the near future and he hasn’t renewed. The story indicates that Punk has refused to sign a new WWE deal and is preparing to leave the WWE when his current deal expires.

My old pal Mike Johnson at was the first to break this huge story earlier in the week. Johnson reports that CM Punk has turned down recent offers at a longer WWE deal and word is spreading within the offices that he may be leaving. Johnson also indicates that Punk’s unwillingness to play ball is a result of burnout and frustration in with his spot in the company.

This could potentially be a big story if Punk does wind up walking away from the company. CM Punk leaving the WWE certainly isn’t on the level of Jeff Hardy, Batista, or Chris Jericho but the timing couldn’t be worse for the WWE. While not a “top guy”, Punk is certainly a fantastic utility player for the company who gives the WWE someone they can count on when they need a feud or match second from the top. I can’t think of anyone at his level that has been more consistent in his position in the last three years.

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