Report Card: Younger Australians don't know as much about keeping themselves safe from food poisoning

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Australians under 34 don’t know enough about how to safely handle food to avoid food poisoning, according to a report card by the Food Safety Information Council.

The 18 to 34 year olds didn’t do as well compared to over 50s on knowledge of food safety, a survey found.

Only 73% of the younger group know to cook hamburgers all the way through compared with 84% for over 50s.

The younger crowd know (87%) to cook sausages all the way, although 93% of the over 50s are masters at the BBQ.

Only half (59%) of the younger group know to refrigerate chicken dishes straight away compared with 72% of over 50s.

“This is a particular worry as some of these younger people may become parents and be responsible for preparing food for vulnerable young children,’ says Professor Michael Eyles, chair of the Food Safety Information Council.

The report card was prepared to mark World Health Day 2015.

Food poisoning cases are still alarming despite a decrease in cases to 4.1 million in 2010 from an estimated 4.3 million in 2000.

Food poisoning results in 31,920 hospitalisations, 86 deaths and 1 million visits to doctors on average each year.

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