Ousted Chinese Leader Bo Xilai Is Reported To Be Having A Hard Time In Prison

Bo Xilai

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The downfall of Bo Xilai was one of last year’s biggest scandals. It had everything — a rising Communist star and his wife, the apparent murder of a British businessman with links to the secret services, and a playboy son. There was even reports of body doubles being used in court.Now Bo, ousted from his position as Chongqing party boss and his wife serving time for murder charges, is languishing in a Chinese jail awaiting trail.

However, that trial may well be delayed, if new reports from the Reuters news agency are to be believed.

Two sources told the news agency that Bo had been on hunger strike at least once, and had been force-fed. He is now hospitalized, which is likely to delay a trial. “He was not tortured, but fell ill and was taken to a hospital in Beijing for treatment,” one source explained to Reuters.

Another source said that Bo was refusing to co-operate in any way — even in matters of grooming. “His beard is long, chest-length,” the source said.

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