REPORT: Australian Men Have The Third-Highest Life Expectancy In The World

New statistics from the World Health Organisation have found that Australian men have the third-highest life expectancy in the world, living to the ripe old age of 80.5 years on average.

The country’s female population ranked sixth internationally, with the girls are still out living the boys, with 84.6 years.

According to WHO, life expectancy has increased globally. A girl born in 2012 can expect to live to around 73 years, while a boy to the age of 68 — six years longer than the average global life expectancy for a child born in 1990.

WHO reports the overall lift in life expectancy numbers is thanks to the “success in tackling noncommunicable diseases” and declining tobacco use.

World Health Statistics 2014/ World Health Organization

Low-income countries have seen the greatest increases, with the average life expectancy rising by 9 years from 1990 to 2012. The increase attributed to “fewer children are dying before their fifth birthday,” says Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General.

Men in Iceland came out on top, living the longest at 81.2, while Japanese women are the oldest living females across the world with 87 years.

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