Report: Australian Investor Daniel Petre Is About To Launch A $50 Million Venture Capital Fund

Tech investor Daniel Petre is about to launch a new investment fund, according to a news report (Photo: Twitter)

Daniel Petre is reportedly poised to launch a new technology fund, which will invest in local Australian businesses.

Petre is a well-known Australian technology investor who has worked with Microsoft founder Bill Gates as well as the late Kerry Packer.

The AFR says the $50 million fund will be run in partnership with zeebox chief executive and former Expedia Australia managing director Craig Blair, though both refused to confirm the new venture.

Petre was a co-founder of Netus, which was sold to Fairfax in 2012 for a reported $50 million. One of Netus’s investments was Allure Media, which licenses major US websites in Australia, including Business Insider.

There’s more here.

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