REPORT: Australia Is Being Lobbied On Potential Military Action In Syria And Iraq

ISIS militants (Photo: AP/Supplied)

The New York Times is reporting US allies including Australia and Britain are being lobbied to mobilise troops as the potential for military action in Syria and expanded airstrikes in Northern Iraq is being discussed in the Whitehouse.

US President Barack Obama is considering new strikes to slow down the ISIS movement across the Middle East.

The Times reported:

As Mr. Obama considered new strikes, the White House began its diplomatic campaign to enlist allies and neighbors in the region to increase their support for Syria’s moderate opposition and, in some cases, to provide support for possible American military operations. The countries likely to be enlisted include Australia, Britain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, officials said.
The officials, who asked not to be named discussing sensitive internal deliberations, said they expected that Britain and Australia would be willing to join the United States in an air campaign.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, as recently as this morning, said he would not rule out sending Australian participation in any military intervention but has stressed that any action would be a humanitarian intervention.

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