Acer Preparing A Wii-Clone Called ‘Hornet’?*

Is Acer, a company best known for its low-cost netbooks, jumping into gaming?

That’s the jist of a report at Turkish media outlet, which has what it claims is leaked pictures of an upcoming “Acer Hornet.” From what we can tell, it’s a stylish HDMI-supported PC with a Wii-like wireless mouse.

It’s not a crazy idea: Dell (DELL) already has its own line of cheap, high-fashion HDMI PCs, but the emphasis on gaming is strange. What good is the wireless mouse unless and until game publishers make games designed for it?

We plugged the report into Google Translate (if anyone speaks Turkish and can do better, please help us out) and here’s what we could decipher about the Hornet:

  • “Ultra Low Cost! couple hundreds of dollars”
  • “Full HD video,” HDMI support
  • “Dual-core Atom processors are expected to use the system”
  • The Hornet uses the Nvidia GeForce 9400 to handle graphics

UPDATE: An SAI reader sends a translation of the article.  Thanks Burak!


Nvidia’s  developments on Ion platform are still on track. Recently, the company has received confirmation from Microsoft for the new platform, and they are planning to announce the new platform for usage in netbooks and nettop systems in Q2. Manufacturers are also taking the necessary actions for the Ion based systems. Acer, one of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers, was (rumoured) working on Ion based systems for a long time. We just received images about Acer’s Nettop systems. Company’s VESA PC style new system looks quite promising.

The new system named Hornet is designed for nettop systems to be used in mainly iving rooms and it’s based on Ion platform. Technical specs are not very clear, but on the nettop computers it’s expected the usage of single  and/or double Atom processors; Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M chipset which is supporting DirectX 10, and fulfilling the resoluion and quality standards of recent games, and supporting hardware acceleration for HD videos.

With the special design, users will have the opportunity to connect Acer Hornets to monitors or connect to LCD TV’s; or use it as a desktop system. It will support Full HD, and may be also used as video players. Acer with Hornet also will  try to provide Wii style gaming experience with 16x parallel processor integrated graphic processor supported by wireless gaming controllers. We’ll continue to report on Acer Hornet.