REPORT: Abbott government pushed Human Rights Commission president to resign before damning report’s release

Getty/ Sergio Dionisio

A fortnight before Tony Abbott blasted the Australian Human Rights Commission’s scathing report into children in immigration detention, tabled on Wednesday, senior government officials told president Gillian Triggs she would be offered “some other opportunity” if she resigned.

Fairfax Media reports the request, which was immediately rejected, came from Attorney-General George Brandis’ office.

There were no apparent grounds for dismissal and by law the president can only be axed for bankruptcy, mental incapacity or serious misconduct.

Earlier this week Abbott labelled the commission’s report, which said Australia was in breach of international obligations, a “transparent stitch up”.

The report has called for the release of more than 300 children in detention, both here in Australia and on Nauru.

Triggs became president of the commission in July 2012 and will remain in the position until mid-2017.

The fixed five-year term was established to protect the president from political interference.