Report: A-Rod's Inner Circle Leaked Documents Connecting Ryan Braun To An Alleged PED Clinic

report by “60 Minutes”claims that Ryan Braun and Yankees’ catcher Francisco Cervelli were only implicated in the Biogenesis scandal after associates of Alex Rodriguez leaked documents to the media.

The names of Braun and Cervelli were redacted in the documents obtained by the Miami New Times, who originally reported the link between the Biogenesis clinic, performance-enhancing drugs, and Major League Baseball players.

However, one week after that report, Yahoo! Sports obtained documents without the names redacted. It is believed that A-Rod’s “inner circle” leaked those documents to Yahoo! Sports.

A lawyer for Rodriguez called the allegations “untrue” and there is no indication in the report that A-Rod instructed the documents to be leaked or even knew that the documents had been obtained. But this report won’t do anything to change the opinion of many that A-Rod only cares about himself and will win at any cost.

Braun later negotiated a suspension for the remained of this season (65 games). Cervelli accepted MLB’s suspension of 50 games.

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