12 Facts About Australia's Digital Media Consumption That May Surprise You

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Digital media consumption is poised to take over that of traditional media outlets, such as the TV, as Australians increasingly come to prefer convergence and multi-tasking.

In fact, 53% of us can now call ourselves “digital omnivores”, with the ownership of a laptop, smartphone and tablet device. This is up from 28% in the past year.

Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey for 2014 has provided some a insight into the media consumption of Australians.

Studying 2,300 people over five age groups – Trailing Millenials aged 14–24, Lending Millenials aged 25–30, Xers aged 31–47, Boomers aged 48–66 and matures aged 67+ – the survey reveals how consumers are interacting with media and technologies, and whether current consumption patterns are set to change in the future.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the report.


  • TV is still on top: TV remains Australian’s most preferred way to watch entertainment, even over the internet (for now). 64% of us rank it in our top three entertainment preferences.
  • We love to binge: 72% of Aussies watch three or more back-to-back episodes in one sitting, with a quarter of us doing it at least once a week.
  • Blockbuster isn’t bust (yet): 25% of us still rent the physical copy of movies and TV shows, only just more than the 24% of us who prefer to stream the content and 21% who make a digital rental.
  • Devices

  • We’re digital omnivores: 53% of all Australians own a tablet, laptop and smartphone.
  • Obsessed with connection: 42% of us have connect our TV sets to the Internet to receive media and content such as webpages, streamed movies or music.
  • We multi-task like it’s going out of fashion: 79% of Australians multi-task while watching TV, almost half of the time this by using our smartphones.
  • Call me: If you don’t have a smartphone you are only 19% of the population, with 81% of us owning a smartphone.
  • Don’t blame it on the weatherman: Weather apps are among the favourites of Australians with 46% of us saying we use it the most frequently of all our apps – except from of course social networking apps only just ahead at 55%.
  • Internet and social media

  • Not happy Jan: only 29% of Australians are satisfied with their Internet speed, and 9% of us would pay $20 or more a month for a faster connection.
  • Facey fiends: 54% Australians update or check social media daily. This can be anywhere from one to 20+ times a day – up 170% since last year.
  • Newspapers and magazines

  • We won’t read it unless it’s free: Most Australians – 92% – say they would not pay for news online.
  • The glossies still have it: The printed magazine is still remains the preferred way to read magazine content, with 49% of subscribers indicating they would still prefer the physical mag even if the price of a digital copy was the same.
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