Evidence That NFL Players Are Out Of Control Under Replacement Refs

During last night’s game between the Broncos and the Falcons, a skirmish broke out that showed us replacement officials can’t control the NFL players. But more importantly, it was another example of the players trying to see how much they can get away with while the regular officials are locked out.

As players are getting up and walking away from a pile-up for a loose ball, Zane Beadles (68) of the Broncos can be seen intentionally tripping Asante Samuel (22). Samuel then responds with a flop that would make soccer players proud. I was half-expecting him to grab his face and start screaming. Next thing we know, all hell broke loose.

Unfortunately we saw similar situations throughout week two. And this is not to excuse the officiating, who should have controlled the situation better, but NFL players are acting like ninth graders in a Spanish class with a substitute teacher. And as long as the NFL insists on using replacement officials, this will just keep getting worse…

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