9 ways to repeat outfits without anyone noticing

Repeating outfits is surprisingly easy. Emma McIntyre/GettyImages
  • Repeating outfits can be surprisingly easy, but does take some creativity.
  • Not everyone has enough clothes to wear a different ensemble every day.
  • INSIDER found out how you can recycle your favourite outfits to wear again and again.

If you want to cut down on your fast-fashion habits or simply cannot afford to buy a new outfit for every occasion, there are plenty of ways to refurbish old looks and make a once-worn ensemble look off-the-rack new.

INSIDER reached out to some experts on how to recycle your fashion statements tucked away in your closet. After all, clothes were meant to be worn out, not forgotten about after just one wear.

Re-adapt athleisure by switching up your footwear.

Statement shoes can change an outfit. Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Whether your style is athletic-chic, or you live at the gym, athleisure adds up. To save some cash, founder and CEO of Jackie, Amber Duncan suggested to INSIDER to repeat your looks, but switch up your sneakers.

“Athleisure is very much trending right now, with an emphasis on statement sneakers,” Duncan told INSIDER. “When you wear the same athleisure trends and change out the shoes, it makes all the difference. Keep your look laid back with your favourite sneakers, or throw on some statement heels to present your look in a more dressed up fashion.”

Play around with your hairstyles.

Changing you hairstyle can impact how your outfit is perceived. Mike Windle / Stringer / Getty Images

Sometimes, you don’t even have to try mixing and matching clothing items to spruce up your look. Keep your attire the same, but experiment with different hairstyles to transform the look instead.

“How you style your hair plays a large role in how you choose to re-wear an outfit,” Duncan said. “Tie your hair up off your neck to keep your look more casual, or let your hair down to dress things up. It seems simple, but how you style your hair can have maximum impact on how your outfit is perceived.”

When it comes to accessorizing, less is always more.

Keep jewellery simple. Shutterstock.

“Keep your jewellery choices simple,” Buyer and Stylist for Jackie, Sabel Bezet suggested to INSIDER. “Many women make the mistake of overdoing it with statement jewellery to re-wear an outfit. Reach for minimalistic, dainty jewellery to wear your favourite look time and time again.”

Switch things up with your outerwear.

Get a statement coat. Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Sometimes your coat closet is the best store you can browse.

“Play with new textures. When adding your perfect layering piece, consider which textures can transform your outfit,” Devon White, creative content director of Jackie told INSIDER. “Whether it be a shaggy coat, a chenille sweater or a chunky knit cardigan, let your outwear make the statement for you.”

Layering is everything.

Layering is an art. martinaphotography/flickr

Layering isn’t just a dressing technique and Catherine Bachelier Smith of CBS Lifestylist taught INSIDER how to master the craft.

“Always think how you can layer a t-shirt, thin sweater, or button down under … it creates warmth and texture. Always think how you can layer a t-shirt, sweater, or button down over a dress. This creates an illusion that the dress is a skirt.”

Befriend the classic button down.

You can wear a button down as a jacket. Pexels/Chevanon Photography

It can double as a lightweight jacket.

“Use a button down shirt of any kind and wear it open like a jacket. I especially love this look for women and men who run warm and can peel it off and tie around their waist if need-be,” Bachelier Smith told INSIDER.

Add a DIY element to your ensemble.

Get your DIY on to change up an outfit. Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

“Convert a long sleeved-shirt into a skirt in seconds by pulling it over your legs and bum and then tying the sleeves around your waist into a bow. If you’re wearing a long scarf, with a few simple knots and ties, you can have it become a flowy skirt or even a racerback tank,” the editor of TheBetterFit.com Allena Rissa told INSIDER. “Finally, simply try tucking in part of your long tee into your jeans, and even consider rolling up your jean pant legs a bit, for a slightly different look.”

Instead of rotating pieces out according to the latest trends, create a capsule wardrobe.

Classic clothes such as mum jeans can be dressed up or down. Matt Cowan/Getty Images

TV and fashion journalist,Louise Roe told INSIDER that the trick to having variety in your style without having to change your outfit every single day is to invest in a handful of key, good-quality pieces that can be easily mixed and matched.

“When you have these core items or a ‘capsule’ wardrobe as it’s sometimes called, getting dressed is always a breeze, and outfits can be rotated without looking like repeat pieces,” Roe, said. “So what are some items you need for your capsule wardrobe? In my experience, you can’t go wrong with well-fitted mum jeans, a check menswear blazer, an elegant slip dress, a classic leather jacket, comfortable mule flats, a crisp white shirt, cool sneakers, and an oversized cashmere sweater. These items can all be dressed up or down with accessories depending on the occasion.”

Experiment with unconventional ways of wearing an item.

Turn clothes around for a new look. Shutterstock/JKstock

“The best way to turn a look around is sometimes to literally turn it around,” style influencer and editor of the well-known fashion magazine, SLiNK, Renee Cafaro told INSIDER. “With exposed zippers all the rage, many dresses can seem like a regular shift from the front, but if the fabric has some give, a sleek exposed zipper and a lower back, you can wear it backward to make a hot, zip-up neckline dress for going out.”

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