Rent The Runway Just Announced A Subscription Service

Rent The Runway has announced a subscription service that applies to everything but dresses.

For $US75 per month, customers get to rent 3 items at a time, CEO Jennifer Hyman told Fortune.

“You get to run through your favourite virtual mall department store, pick out everything you’ve ever dreamed of wearing, put it onto a queue, and it’s going to come straight to you,” Hyman says.

The subscription doesn’t apply to dresses, Rent The Runway’s most well-known rental.

Customers can choose from items “from purses and scarves to hats, outerwear, and jewelry,” Fortune writes.

Designer headphones are also advertised.

“Unlimited customers can manage a queue of desired items and may keep them as long as they want,” Fortune writes. “When a customer is finished with an item, she can mail it back, after which the next item in her queue is dispatched.”

The monthly fee includes shipping and insurance.

Rent the Runway is a start-up that offers rentals on trendy, designer items.

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