This private jet is also a studio where people pay hundreds of dollars to take 'Rich Kids of Instagram'-style photos

  • People are paying a Russian photo studio on a private jet to take Instagram-worthy shots of them.
  • Prices range from $US191 to $US434, depending on the type of service you’re interested in.
  • Social media celebrities like the “The Rich Kids of Instagram” have popularised photos that show a jet-setting life.


The Rich Kids of Instagram” have popularised the practice of flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media, and now photo studios are making it easier to imitate their boastful posts. 

Private Jet Studio is a photo studio on a tarmac with a Gulfstream G650 jet, where customers can take pictures both inside and out.

People can book the Moscow-based company’s services for $US244 (14,000 roubles) an hour with a photographer, or for $US191 (11,000 roubles) an hour without one. For $US434 (25,000 roubles), people can also book a two-hour videography session in and around the private jet. Hair and makeup can be provided on set.

Subjects can play along and act as if they just landed for an important trip.

Dogs are allowed onboard.

Group photos are encouraged.

Hair and makeup can be done on site.

Props, such as food and champagne, can be used.

Some subjects do the photo shoot with a sense of humour ...

... but others take it more seriously.

Although you never actually take off into the air, you can make it look as though you did.

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