SARAH PALIN VS. 'THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH' GUY: Whose Movie Has The Better Trailer? (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin, Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan went from viral video hit to gubernatorial candidate to celebrity with six little words: “The rent is too damn high.”

And now there’s a movie about him.

The trailer for “Damn!” has been making the rounds on the internet recently, and will be on DVD and available for download this August.

Of course, McMillan isn’t the only quotable political figure with a documentary this summer.

“Undefeated” — the Sarah Palin-focused documentary — will soon be coming to a theatre near you…if you vote for it.

While there are a lot of similarities here (both films are about people who entered politics, gave us crazy quotes, became celebrities, and didn’t win their respective elections), unfortunately for Palin, there may be no amount of finger-wagging scenes that can compare with McMillan’s star power.

Watch below and judge for yourself.

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