You Can Rent A Room In The Original Facebook Mansion

A new Craigslist posting by a group of renters in Los Altos, California is advertising the chance to experience a piece of Facebook history.

According to the listing, several rooms are available in the home that Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team lived in during the early days of the social network.

Zuckerberg lived in the Westbrook Avenue home from September 2004 until January 2005, court documents show. He only purchased the bare minimum of furniture — a couch, table, and some chairs — and piled his clothes on the floor instead of buying a dresser.

It seems that the current residents have furnished it a bit more.

The house has some sunny living areas where roommates can hang out.

The kitchen has lots of storage space.

There's also a breakfast nook.

The dining room has a sliding glass door to the outside.

The backyard is fairly large, with a gazebo that sits at the top of a hill.

We can imagine this would have been a good place for team meetings when the Facebook guys lived here.

The house is bigger than it seems -- there's a total of 8 bedrooms, and several are currently available to rent.

According to the Craigslist listing, three of the bedrooms are already occupied.

Still, the mansion is nothing fancy. Here's a look at one of the bathrooms.

Though new roommates can make use of in-house laundry machines.

There's also a treadmill located near the back of the house.

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