Rent A Goldman Sachs Board Member’s Superyacht For $1 Million A Week

lakshmi mittal yacht

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Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal is the world’s sixth richest man with an estimated fortune of $31.2 billion – so why does he need to rent out his megayacht?At about $1 million per week his 262-ft. Oceanco-built Amevi is one of the world’s most expensive yacht charters, barely trailing Steven Spielberg’s new toy.

We guess the answer is if you can find someone to pay that much for a cruise it’s just good business sense – and you don’t get to be one of the world’s richest men by letting a good business opportunity go by.

He frequently uses it himself, however; at last year’s Cannes Film Festival he entertained the likes of Jennifer Lopez on board.

The Amevi was recently spotted in Gibraltar but we’re not sure whether Mittal was aboard or one of his paying guests. Launched in 2007, the yacht offers luxury accommodation for up to 16 guests in 8 suites along with 22 crew.

She’s one of the most relaxing vessels to travel on thanks to her state-of-art Rolls Royce “zero speed” retractable stabilizers. Luxury touches include a cinema, gymnasium, heated pool, massage room and hairdressing salon.

Mittal’s master suite has a lobby leading to a private study, a changing room with makeup area and a private Jacuzzi.

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