Rene Redzepi is opening a second, more casual restaurant

Rene Redzepi. Photo: Jason Loucas

One of the world’s best chefs, Rene Redzepi, is opening a new, casual restaurant in Copenhagen in a joint venture with members of the Noma team.

Redzepi is bringing Noma to Sydney, Australia, for 10 weeks at the start of 2016, so the team from the new venture, 108, will use the Copenhagen site as a pop-up restaurant before they relocate it to Strandgade in the Christianshavn district.

Noma chef Kristian Baumann is Redzepi’s partner in the project — he announced the plan overnight saying they would spend six months planning the project.

“We’ve created dishes, started collaborations with various farmers, and salted, pickled, and preserved all the delicious berries, plants, and flowers that nature has to offer,” Baumann said.

While the restaurant will continue the “new Nordic” approach Redzepi made famous at Noma, regularly named the best restaurant in the world, 108 – a reference to the address – will be more of a neighbourhood bistro.

“Our restaurant will be a place for families to come together for a quick dinner on a Monday night, or for friends to sit down on a Friday evening for a longer meal, and really explore what we have to offer,” Baumann said.

The menu ranges from cured squid with bacon broth and salted plums to fishcakes with parsley and mussel sauce, salt-baked celeriac with pickles and hay cheese, grilled pork belly with green gooseberries and fresh pine, and seaweed ice cream with toasted barley cream and blackcurrant wood oil.

Baumann describes the Noma pop up, open from January 20 for 13 weeks, as a “training camp”

Bookings can be made online at There will also be walk-in tables and a wine bar in the restaurant’s current lounge space.

Meanwhile, Redzepi is busy preparing to relocate his entire Noma team to Barangaroo in Sydney for a 10-week stint early next year as part of a collaboration with Tourism Australia and Lendlease. The restaurant is already fully booked, with all 5,600 seats selling out within 90 seconds of being made available online last month.

The chef has also announced plans to close the Noma site at the end of 2016, relocating the restaurant to a disused warehouse and farm on the outskirts of the city.

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