Renault-Nissan's Electric Entree On Display


Renault-Nissan showed off its electric car, the EV-02, today in San Diego. The company will tentatively roll these out starting in 2010, aiming for a mass launch two years later.

The company will be working with San Diego Gas & Electric to promote the development of a charging network for the car. It’s supposed to be able to run 100 miles on just 4 hours of charge. The company is also working in partnership with Better Place.

The car pictured here is just a skin for what the final product will actually be. The drivetrain will be the same on the final product, but the shell will be different. According to AutoBlogGreen, the company will not charge a premium for the vehicle. Its price is supposed to be competitve with the Altima, Camry or Civic.

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